Who is Jawns on Fire?

Jawns on Fire is a locally-owned family brand that specializes in offering top-tier sneakers from beloved brands such as Jordan, Adidas, Nike, and more. Our focus extends to serving the entire family, with a wide range of sizes available from Toddler to Men's 18 and everything in between.

What sets Jawns on Fire apart is our commitment to authenticity and quality. We source all of our inventory from well-established partners, and to underscore our confidence, we offer an industry-leading "Double Your MONEY Back Guarantee" Authenticity Guarantee. This assurance ensures that customers can trust the authenticity of the sneakers they purchase.

Jawns on Fire Authenticity Guarantee
Beyond our dedication to sneakers, Jawns on Fire is deeply rooted in the communities we serve. We proudly sponsor various charitable initiatives, community events, local sports teams, and more, showcasing our commitment to giving back and supporting local endeavors.

One of our recent innovations is the Brand Athlete Ambassador Program, which provides an exciting opportunity for local athletes to get involved with the brand. This initiative not only highlights our community engagement but also strengthens our connection with local talent.

Jawns on Fire Brand Ambassador Olivia Jones with Brian Dein and Miles Campbell
Perhaps what we are most proud of, though, is the experience we create for our customers. Many patrons have expressed that they don't just come to Jawns on Fire to buy sneakers; they come to buy sneakers from our people, underlining the exceptional relationship and trust we have built with the community.

Jawns on Fire - What Makes us Different

Jawns on Fire's "Fire Truck" - the world's first mobile sneaker boutique! Bringing premier sneakers to you, highlighting our focus on the customer experience. Private home shopping and custom sneaker design parties are coming soon!

Jawns on Fire Truck - The worlds first traveling sneaker boutique
Jawns on Fire - The Worlds first traveling sneaker boutique
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Jawns on Fire

Jawns on Fire is the Premier Spot to Buy the Newest, Hottest and Authentic Sneakers, Street Wear & More from your Favorite Brands.

All inventory is sourced from established partners and comes with our "Double Your MONEY Back Guarantee." That’s how serious we take authenticity!