World's First-of-its-Kind Collaboration in AAU Basketball Transforms the Sports Landscape

In an unprecedented move that is poised to reshape the future of sports, a consortium of pioneering entities has come together to unveil the world's first-of-its-kind collaboration.

Team Pennsylvania Basketball (Team PA), The ROAD College Prep Academy, Next Play Sports, and Jawns on Fire Sneaker Boutique have joined forces to usher in a new era in athletic development and redefine the athlete experience in AAU Basketball.

Groundbreaking Collaboration Overview

This historic partnership transcends traditional boundaries, marking a significant milestone in the AAU Basketball sports world.

Team PA Basketball, a recognized leader in nurturing basketball talents, has teamed up with The ROAD College Prep Academy, Next Play Sports, and Jawns on Fire to create a revolutionary model for athletic excellence.

Key Highlights of the Collaboration

Premier Athlete Experience

The collaboration is committed to crafting the Premier Off and On the Court Athlete Experience, exclusively designed for Team PA.

This innovative approach emphasizes the integration of the Body, Mind, and Sole, with each partner specializing in a unique facet of athlete development.

Diverse Expertise

The ROAD College Prep Academy brings its expertise to the physical aspect, ensuring athletes are finely tuned for peak performance.

Next Play Sports, a trailblazer in mental performance, focuses on nurturing the athletes' minds, while Jawns on Fire adds a distinctive soulful essence to the overall experience.

Services Tailored for Excellence

The collaboration introduces specialized services such as in-person training sessions, online
learning, and accelerated growth plans.

Athletes will have the opportunity to become Jawns on Fire Ambassador Athlete, receiving exclusive perks, recognition, and social media exposure.

The Partners

Check out the 1st of it's kind Collaboration in AAU Basketball

Mind, Body & Sole

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